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technic-nerd, light novel (japanese novels) lover and Dungeon Keeper of the Light Novel Dungeon, a site about Light Novels in germany.

@vyivel FAB has like every emote on the planet. Puni cares, as it says on the info page ^^

Did plan to make a little tour on my bike to a lake nearby, but the weather said no to that. It started raining. So I had to return home way earlier than planned.

Looks like it will also rain almost any day next week. <.<

@amolith sadly kinda fitting for the course FF is taking removing each and every icon they can, even useful ones

@amolith Mozarella sounds kinda nice lol. Did they remove the little speaker icon or something when you play a video (or something else) in a tab?

@enigmatico yeah they were actually playing a lot video game themed songs on it

@fristi needs more jpeg.

Phew. Again some work done for me. I just subbed half of a hour podcast with english subs. Aegisub sure is a cool program, you can make very pretty subs with it. But timing subs sure is intensive labour and time consuming.

But I get to make some fun subs as well for some more 'german' jokes or reference. You know those infamous "TL-Notes" lol. Also I can have pretty subs in a youtube-video. Although you have to do hardsubs for that, which might be not ideal for mobile. But some colored Subs seem worth it blobcatcomftongue

Tomorow I will take a break, go to a lake, read a light novella and just chill.

On Sunday I hope to finish up the video once and for all. I don't even want to hear that podcast myself by now lol

@norm You should be able to make exception for the app, or not?

@vyivel comfyhug1 comfyhug2 Oh thank. I managed to limit myself again after a rather nice "reminder" of my then-boss to limit usage to breaks and stuff. That was so embarising blobcatblush Though I also not use my cellphone when I have enough work to do and am occupied. It can just really destroy your productivity to the have the device near you or in reach.

Just put it away while work, but so that is still reachable in emergency but far enough away to make it inconvinient to use

@vyivel I can relate to that pretty hard. It was really bad for me once at work. I would just waste so much time on the net since things to do were kinda limited and it just got a habit somehow.

@quad I can get behind that. Though they are not really that cheap also. Maybe I will look into them again when money is more abundant. Maybe it also does not matter to me since really a good typer anyway (no ten-finger system for, was always horrible at it)

@quad I sometimes thought of buying a smaller keyboard to get more deskspace, but I would kind of miss my numberpad.

@quad I see. That sure is a good reason to use it. Though I don't really see where openrazer could run into an issue installing. When you have to troubleshoot you may follow their troubleshooting steps listed in the git.

@vyivel now browsing way more fedi than before. I still have one installed. It sometimes is a good waste of time or even informative

@quad A typical error would be missing headers, it is a DKMS-Module after all. But I would guess you thought about that. Is the XanMod-Kernel that much better than the normal one a2bthinking

@quad @thor https://github.com/openrazer/openrazer You may want to try this software. It lists your mouse as compatible and you should be able ti change the lighting with it.

It is availiable in the AUR aswell: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/openrazer-meta/ they recommend to reboot after install. Good luck

@enigmatico almost mistook that for win XP blobcatsip Nice work

@fristi It does look quite good.

@quad very nice

@solidsanek @enigmatico And we all know that konami really loves gacha, so that might be a reality soon enough. But maybe will get better leta wait and see